We work with families of school-age children and adolescents to address problems related to anxiety, depression, and defiant behavior. Below is a selection of common services we provide.

Happy Family in Kirkland, Washington


We draw from current research on Behavior Management Training and The Incredible Years program to help parents learn effective skills for building emotional maturity in children, reinforcing appropriate behavior, de-escalating crises, setting limits, and more. These are well-studied approaches applied by a trained therapist to strengthen caregivers’ abilities to co-parent and manage difficult behavior at home.


We work with parents to provide the skills to help their child who may be struggling with anxiety or depression. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is one of the most supported approaches for it’s effectiveness int treating these issues, and we use this to place parents firmly in control of strategies to help their struggling child.


Adolescents who are showing problematic behavior in the family may benefit from this treatment assisting them with building effective communication and problem-solving skills. We provide this family-based approach to help parents and teens work together, assert their needs clearly, negotiate differences, and maintain appropriate boundaries without using aggressive behavior.

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