These are some of my favorite resources about mental health and relationships.

The Upward Spiral – by Alex Korb, PhD.
This book clearly explains some of the brain processes involved in depression based on current neuroscience and offers numerous simple steps to improve mood.

The Illustrated Happiness Trap – by Russ Harris.
A short, easy-to-follow book that takes the jargon out of improving mental health and provides strategies for reducing stress and self- defeating habits. 

Atomic Habits – by James Clear. 
This is a well-written book on what works in getting out of bad habits and forming new ones without sliding backwards. 

ACT On Life Not On Anger – by Georg Eifert, PhD; Matthew McKay, PhD; and John Forsyth, PhD.
If you’ve tried to control anger before with little success, this book offers a fundamentally new approach to managing this emotion. 

Too Good To Leave, Too Bad To Stay – by Mira Kirshenbaum.
This book asks specific and direct questions to help you identify your core needs and boundaries in your relationship to help reduce the confusion of whether or not to stay. 

7 Principles For Making Marriage Work – by John Gottman, PhD.
This book is the culmination of Dr. Gottman’s research on couples relationships and includes the core principles that guide fulfilling relationships with many exercises for readers to practice. 

201 Relationship Questions: The Couple’s Guide to Building Trust and Emotional Intimacy – by Barrie Davenport.
Asking the right questions is a foundational part of intimate relationships and this practical and concise guide will help take out the guess work.

Gottman Relationship Checkup – Learn more about the relationship assessment I use with couples to identify strengths and recommendations for continued work. 

Mental Health America – If you are wondering if you have a mental health condition, use this resource to take a short screen and learn more about mental health. 

Mindfulness Muse – A useful blog addressing common pitfalls in managing emotions and strategies for building a satisfying life. 

ACT Mindfully Audio – Here are some free audio recordings for strengthening your awareness of important thoughts and feelings to reduce becoming overwhelmed by them. 

Making Marriage Work – Couples researcher John Gottman presents the science behind happy relationships and outlines tools to strengthen emotional connection, trust, and resiliency. 

Affair Recovery – A useful channel with information for couples working through an affair. 

Evolution of the Human Mind – A brief animation on why people have a bias toward getting caught up in negative emotions. 

Psychological Flexibility – Dr. Steven Hayes draws upon his research on mental health to provide information on building a life with meaning and purpose, and how to respond to emotional pain and discomfort with gentleness and compassion.

Sushi Train Metaphor – A brief animation for gaining some distance between you and your uncomfortable thoughts to avoid being carried away by them.

4-7-8 Breathing – A powerful breathing technique with many benefits for both physical and mental health. 

When Did Marriage Become So Hard? – A useful audio on the history of marriage and how expectations of it have increased over time, leading to increasing discomfort as we try to meet those expectations.

How To Listen Without Becoming Defensive – Practical steps to follow to openly listen to emotional communication from others in a way that reduces escalation into conflict. 

How To Avoid The Pursuer-Distancer Pattern In Your Relationship – Steps for identifying unhelpful patterns of interaction in your relationship and how to start reversing them. 

The One Daily Talk That Will Benefit Your Marriage – One of the most important things to do in your relationship to build resiliency against the impact of outside stressors.

How To Be Supportive Of Your Partner With Mental Illness. – Mental illness is a source of great stress and confusion in many relationships. Here is a useful start for how to give mental health the attention it deserves. 

Cognitive Defusion & Mindfulness – Here is an introduction to a useful technique for becoming untangled from unhelpful thoughts and several exercises for increasing the power you have to gain some distance from them.