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We help people struggling with anxiety

Action-Focused Therapy

anxiety therapy in bellevue

We want you to feel confident in managing your anxiety. This involves learning how problems with anxiety emerge and developing a plan of action that is meaningful to you. We provide well-researched strategies to help you break free of old patterns, understand yourself better, and feel more empowered to effectively manage worry.

anxiety therapy in bellevue
Midpoint Counseling Telehealth

Convenient Telehealth

Midpoint Counseling Telehealth

Many people benefit from an online platform for meeting with their therapist. It’s a private way of getting help with anxiety without the hassle of fighting traffic and rearranging your schedule. The people we work with report it being a helpful and engaging experience that’s convenient and doesn’t interfere with their busy lives. Learn more about how telehealth can support your needs.


At Midpoint Counseling, your emotional and mental wellbeing is our highest priority. That is why we created the Midpoint Blog page, to give you free tips and solutions for all areas of life. Check out the blog page below.

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